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Who is Kang The Conqueror

Kang The Conqueror: Who is he?

A native of Earth-6311 born in the 30th century, Nathaniel Richards subsequently adopted the name Kang the Conqueror. He also found a component of a time machine that his namesake and ancestor from Earth 616 had left behind. The guy who brought peace to Nathaniel’s world as the Benefactor left behind this discovery. Before this, Nathaniel was fascinated by robotics and records from Earth-616 (the standard Earth) that the aforementioned Benefactor had sent to his reality. The naturally clever Kang also studied everything he could to learn how to master the time-space continuum.

The Superpowers of Kang

Factually, Kang lacks superpowers naturally, yet he possesses a super-genius level of mind and an unbreakable will. Furthermore, he gained knowledge of the Benefactor’s time machine and became an expert in the cutting-edge technology of his future. With that, he created battle gear that gave him what appeared to be superhuman skills. He could project radioactivity from his armor against anyone who stood in his way. In addition, he ages considerably more slowly than anyone from his native era since he is immune to the effects of radiation. On top of that, his strategic prowess played a role in his rise to warlord status.

The Creation Of "Prime" Kang

Nathaniel Richards was defeated by the Avengers and sent to the 40th century. There, he gave up the Scarlet Centurion moniker, which is when Kang the Conqueror was born. The primary Kang is known as Kang the Conqueror in the world. In the path of his revenge, his time-traveling activities lead to the creation of several Kang variations, each with its own narrative. Because of this, Marvel Comics fans frequently refer to the first Kang as “Prime” Kang. The Wasp and Rick Jones ultimately stopped “Prime” Kang from defeating the Avengers. Then, he returned to his original time and made his first appearance in Avengers #8.

How does Kang fit into the Marvel Universe?

If you have followed Marvel Comics, then it is evident that Kang has strong ties to numerous Marvel heroes. Furthermore, the resemblance to Reed Richards’ father, Nathaniel Richards’ name, is the most noticeable one. Moreover, Reed’s father is also taken as Kang in certain realities. He is also a direct descendent of Reed’s most hated foe, Doctor Doom, who utilized Doom’s time-travel technology to create his own gadgets and weaponry.

Additionally, Kang has a link to Iron Man through his time as Iron Lad. The connection is also from one of history’s most infamous (and despised) Avengers tales. In “The Crossing,” Kang tricks Tony Stark into turning evil. After this, he dies and is replaced by a teenage Tony Stark from an earlier time period.

Kang traps the Wasp in a dystopian future world where she marries Havok of the X-Men and even has a kid. However, the relationship and the child eventually ended as Wasp and Havok returned home.

Most notably, in the narrative Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (the recently announced movie name), Kang really succeeded in capturing the entire chronology of the Avengers, ruling the planet and imprisoning nearly everyone who might be able to stop him, including Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

He was finally defeated, but not before he and Captain America engaged in a fierce battle as two enormous holograms clashed over the Earth.

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