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Top 5 Actors Who Played Batman

Top 5 Actors Who Played Batman

Hola folks! The DCMarvel is back with ranking another from the house of DCU (DC Cinematic Universe.) Since the advent of DC Comics, Batman has been the lead character in several aspects. Furthermore, an unprecedented amount of Batman content really gets fans excited. Everyone is now familiar with the tale of how billionaire Bruce Wayne, who was abandoned as a child, grew up to wage a one-person war on crime in the dangerous and crooked city of Gotham. With a long cinematic journey, there are a total of nine actors who have played Batman in films. 

But today, we’ll rank the top 5 actors who played Batman, with the tone varying wildly depending on each actor’s performance.

1.Christian Bale

batman christian bale

The most amazing actor who has played Batman is Christian Bale. In The Dark Night Rises, eight years after The Joker was defeated and Batman was blamed for the murders committed by Harvey Dent. Meanwhile, Bane, a former member of the League of Shadows, has emerged as a new foe for Gotham. Bruce had earlier turned into a complete recluse, rarely leaving the estate after Wayne Manor had been completely renovated. By obliterating Gotham, Bane intends to carry on Ra’s al Ghul’s legacy. But Batman links up with elusive jewel thief Selina Kyle, who may also hold the key to stopping Bane because allies are hard to come by.

2.Robert Pattinson

batman robert pattinson

Bruce Wayne has evolved into a nocturnal creature after two years of silence. Furthermore, Bruce is forced to play cat and mouse with his worst challenge to date. A maniac killer known as “The Riddler” is consumed with rage and desperation to expose the corrupt system while assassinating all of Gotham’s important political players. But the villain crosses paths with Gotham’s dark knight, played by Robert Pattison. Apart from all the action and dialogues, the cinematic silence and drama in the movie was a smooth delivery by Robert.

3.Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

The announcement of Ben Affleck joining and replacing Christian Bale as Batman in Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe followed scrutiny of toxic fans. Because of this, it will always be amusing that those same people are now pleading for Affleck to be given the part back. Ben Affleck in Batman Vs. Superman played the superhero who tries to shackle another hero for the safety of society. 

After Metropolis is destroyed, society debates whether Superman deserves honor for saving the city or whether he should surrender to the law. On the other hand, Batman views the Man of Steel as a threat to everyone and is getting ready to face him directly.

4.Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton

Millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne fights crime in Gotham City as Batman, a costumed hero who instills fear in the hearts of villains after witnessing his parents’ brutal murder as a young boy. This portrayal of Micheal Keaton as the protagonist in “The Batman 1989” is remarkable. When a deformed lunatic, “The Joker,” takes over Gotham’s criminal underworld, Batman is forced to battle his most ruthless foe while preserving his identity and relationships.

5.George Clooney

batman George Clooney

Last but not least, we have the Hollywood heartthrob from decades, George Clooney. The Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin has been tasked with protecting Gotham City from bad forces for a long time. However, their partnership is now put to the test as they battle the evil combination of vengeful Poison Ivy and frigid Mr. Freeze, who want to freeze Gotham and repopulate it with mutant plants.

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